Swim Dock A dock encircled swim area accessed from the beach offers great swimming. The swim area is shared and must be booked in advance. Please refer to the Daily Swim Schedule or check with the Camp Ranger for group swim times.


If the weather is not suitable for swimming, why not try your hand at catch-and-release fishing. Either bring fishing gear  or make your own rods and lures to catch “the big one”. Be sure the youth are appropriately attired with PFDs while on the dock. Image on Google Street view.


No Swimming/Dock Usage is permitted unless Water Activity Supervisors (as defined in Swimming and Dock Usage Rules below) are on the dock. No lifeguard is provided by Camp Barnard.


Activity leaders are required to have the necessary skills to lead the youth in swimming activities to the minimum standard outlined in Scouts Canada Policies and as outlined by their own organization.


Swimming and Dock Usage Rules

Before beginning a swim period, the safety of the swim area shall be established.

At least one water activity supervisor for every ten (10) swimmers must be on duty.

The minimum qualification for youth members who are acting as water activity supervisors is the Bronze Cross and they must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

Water activity supervisors should be identified to the swimmers prior to the commencement of swimming activities, and suitable attire is to be worn by the supervisors while on duty.

Water Activity Supervisors must be on dock and in swim gear throughout swim period

Suitable rescue and reaching aids must be available at all times.

All swim groups must be organized under the paired “buddy system”.

The physical condition and swimming ability of each member should be known by the water activity supervisor before the activity/program begins.

Water activity supervisors are to be positioned within easy reach of swimmers.

No member shall be permitted to swim unless under responsible supervision.

Each swim period shall be under the supervision of a qualified person to whom the water activity supervisor is responsible.