Back Country Camping

Camp Bararnd Back Country Camping This includes all camping areas north and west of the centre part of camp. Columbia, Skeena, Fraser, McKenzie, Yukon campsites have lots of trees for tarping, cleared level areas for tent sites and kitchen setup, campfire circles, outhouses, and nearby access to drinking water. Fraser, McKenzie and Yukon each have a kitchen shelter with counters and storage areas (shelters need to be booked in advance to ensure availability). Campers are expected to observe all rules of NO TRACE camping in this area.

Please be bear aware (and all other critters aware) when using these sites. 

Leave-no-trace and back country requirements for food storage, preparation, and grey water disposal need to be adhered to when using these sites.  Pack it in/pack it out rule applies for all backcountry campers.

As much as possible, these should be considered walk-in campsites with vehicle traffic kept to a minimum.  Wheelbarrows are available from the camp ranger if needed to assist with carrying in equipment.

Images on Google Street view: Columbia, McKenzie, Yukon, Fraser, Skeena.