Cabin Circles


There are four cabin circles in the main part of camp, each with six cabins (8 canvas bunks each so each circle sleeps 48 campers). Cabins are insulated but unheated, have covered porches, windows, and excellent ventilation. At least one cabin in each circle is wheelchair accessible.

Each circle includes a fire pit with seating, tables and lots of trees for tarping. Shared washroom blocks, some with showers, are located near the cabin circles.

Images on Google Street view: Mang, Rama, Kaa, Sona, interior of typical cabin.

Rental of a cabin circle includes the use of half of its associated fully equipped commercial kitchen and dining hall.  (Mang & Rama Circles use Mor Kitchen; Kaa & Sona Circles use Keego Kitchen)

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the camp, we have retrofitted all the upper bunks at camp with rails and ladders, making them safer for all the youth using them. The down side of this is that they are not so friendly for taller folks.

Camp Barnard Cabin Interior