Cabin Circles


There are a total of 24 sleeping cabins on site organized into five clusters.  Each cabin has 8 bunks.  Most bunks are canvas slings, with a few have simple plywood platforms.  Use of a sleeping pad is recommended. Six Kaa and six Sona cabins are located on either side of and share Keego Kitchen.  Four Mang cabins and four Rama cabins share Mor Kitchen.  Mang cabins are located adjacent to the kitchen while the four Rama cabins are a short walk from Mor. 

Thompson cabins, two North and two South of Thompson Cook shelter share that facility.  These cabins are ideal for smaller groups as each cabin is divided into two units with 4 bunks in each.  The shelter has picnic tables and power but no appliances are installed.

All cabins are insulated but only three cabins in the Kaa circle adjacent to Keego kitchen have heat and electrical lighting installed.  A covered entry deck is provided for each cabin and at least one cabin in a group is being retrofitted with access ramps for the disabled.

Each cabin cluster is a short walk from a washroom facility. Each will have access to a fire pit.

Rental of the Mang or Rama cabin cluster includes the use of one half of Mor kitchen with its fully equipped commercial kitchen and dining hall.  As with Mor rental of Kaa or Sona includes use of one half of the well equipped Keego kitchen and dining hall.  Rental of either Thompson cabins North or South includes us of one half of Thompson Cook Shelter.


Camp Barnard Cabin Interior