Gone Home Board

Camp Barnard Gone Home BoardThis refers to the universal trail marking symbol for “I have gone home”, a circle with a dot in the middle. This memorial in the heart of the camp recalls for us all the youth and adult members of Scouting who have “gone home”, but whose memories linger on at camp.


The procurement and mounting of the plaques are vested in the 2nd BP Guild.


Protocol for Mounting of Memorial Plaques on the "Gone Home" Board

  1. Any request for a deceased Scouting youth, Greater Victoria Area Scouter, Group Committee, Council or BP Guild member Memorial Plaque to be added to the board is to be forwarded to the 30th B.P. Guild who will be responsible for the purchase and engraving. The cost of the purchase and engraving will be the responsibility of those requesting the plaque. 

  2. As costs of the plaques may vary with time the requester will be advised of the cost. Payment is to be made prior to the plaque being ordered. Plaques will be mounted three times a year. Approximate cost of plaques is $30.

  3. To keep conformity on the “Gone Home" Board, no one is to independently mount a plaque on the board.

  4. Contact  30bpguild(a)victoriascouts.ca.