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Forest Fires

2018-07-08 8:52pm Just a quick update: The Tugwell fire is now listed as “under control” and Camp Barnard continues to be safe, though there is still some smoke in the air so please advise anyone with compromised respiratory systems.

A few thank yous from this weekend: Huge thank you to Extreme Outreach for being open to some shuffling around so that the camp could provide billeting to 60 firefighters.

Thank you to Mike and Gary (two members of the Camp Management Committee) who spent a couple of nights at camp to ensure that we had plenty of skilled and knowledgeable people available if needed.

Thank you to Scouter Denyse (who was instrumental in preparing the Camp’s emergency plan) and Scouter Bill for being on call all weekend should they be needed.

And a special thank you to all the firefighters and their support teams for doing such a great job in protecting the community.
Finally a reminder to everyone to do everything they can to prevent and report forest fires.

2018-07-05 7:19pm  We have had a few questions about the forest fire at Tugwell in Sooke. We have been in touch with the Otter Point Fire Department yesterday and again this morning. At this point there is no concern regarding Camp Barnard and the fire at Tugwell. OPFD is in direct communication with Ministry of Forests who will let them know if the situation changes. OPFD is not concerned at this point about Camp Barnard. Please keep an eye on FaceBook and our website for updates.


There is smoke in the air, though it is quite windy and not hanging around. The CRD will contact Camp Barnard if there is an air quality advisory. HOWEVER, please be aware that although an air quality advisory may not be issued, that for respiratory compromised people, lower ratings may still affect them.  Please be sure to keep an extra careful watch of your campers to catch any problems early.


The camp has an emergency plan for forest fires. For emergency evacuation from camp, the camp plan will be to evacuate to the location indicated by authorities. They will not give a location at this point because they don’t know where a fire might spread.


Parents should be advised of the procedure and given the actual link to the website and Facebook pages.


Everyone (kids and parents) should be instructed to TEXT only to be in touch (so as to not overload phone line capacity) and to NOT call 9-1-1.


We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be extra careful and do everything they can while using Camp Barnard to prevent any chance of forest fire. Please talk to the camp staff if you have any questions.


Camp Barnard Banderlodge Survey

We're looking at updating the Five Year Plan for Camp Barnard and would like your feedback on how we can increase the usage of camp. There are only 10 questions (should take about 3 minutes). Please help us to make the camp the best facility we can. Click here to take the survey.


AED at Camp Barnard

Important information for those using Camp Barnard. There is and AED available at Camp Barnard. Click here for more information.



Safety Notice

Just a quick note to let our users know that Timber West are planning to log adjacent lands to the north and west of Camp Barnard. Right now they are creating roads and there is periodic blasting Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm ending April 2017. Please be sure to stay on Camp properties. If in doubt, ask the Camp Ranger for a map. Click here for the poster provided by Timber West showing the area in questions.


Bear Facts... lions and tigers and bears oh my!

We have had to have the Conservation Officer remove a nuisance black bear from camp in June after he tried to peel the side off the dumpster. This is a good reminder to us all that Camp Barnard is a WILDERNESS camp with all the associated WILDLIFE. We need to be bear aware in handling our food and garbage at camp not only for our benefit but for the benefit of the wildlife. Other critters to remember when visiting camp are cougars, ticks, mice, mosquitos, slugs…  Do your homework and educate the youth BEFORE you get to camp to ensure everyone at camp has a good time.