What's New

Semi-Annual General Meeting

Camp Barnard Semi-Annual General Meeting is your chance to hear about the upcoming plans and financial/management position of the camp. We will be covering topics including: Finance, Facilities, Marketing, Programming, Fundraising, and Conservation. Everyone welcome.
Date: Thursday May 25
Place: Scout House 505 Marigold
Time: 7:00pm

Continuing Improvements to Keego Kitchen TELUS Victoria Community Board

Great news! We have just received funding from the TELUS Victoria Community Board! Big thanks to the TELUS Victoria Community Board for getting us closer to completing the renovation to Keego Kitchen.


AED at Camp Barnard

Important information for those using Camp Barnard. There is and AED available at Camp Barnard. Click here for more information.



Safety Notice

Just a quick note to let our users know that Timber West are planning to log adjacent lands to the north and west of Camp Barnard. Right now they are creating roads and there is periodic blasting Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm ending April 2017. Please be sure to stay on Camp properties. If in doubt, ask the Camp Ranger for a map. Click here for the poster provided by Timber West showing the area in questions. 


2016 SAGM Held in April

Check out all the exciting things that are planned for the upcoming year at Camp Barnard. Minutes from the SAGM includes information on changes to the rental rates starting September 1, 2016.


2017 Badges Are Here!

Badges are available both from Scout House and from the Ranger at Camp Barnard. Be sure to pre-arrange if you need lots of badges for pick up at camp.


 Camp Barnard Log Rolling



Fun New Activities

Now you can practice your lumberjack skills and try out our new stand-up paddle boards. These items can be booked the same way our canoes and kayaks are booked.




Camp Barnard Accessible Ramp to Swim Dock



Work Continues to Make Camp Barnard Accessible

Great new addition to the camp in the form of a ramp giving easy access from the beach to the swim dock.




WiFi at Camp

Now users of the main developed part of camp can take advantage Shaw Go WiFi for its users at Camp Barnard.


5 Year Plan Now Posted

We are pleased to announce that the 2014-2019 Camp Barnard 5 Year Plan is now complete! We would like to thank Pete Lewis for all his hard work and dedication in corralling members of the Camp Management Committee and other interested parties and gathering input and information and compiling these documents. With this amazing plan and the dedication of all involved we will continue in the goal to make Camp Barnard the BEST CAMP EVERY! Please take the time to read through these documents http://www.campbarnard.ca/annual_report.


Bear Facts... lions and tigers and bears oh my!

We have had to have the Conservation Officer remove a nuisance black bear from camp in June after he tried to peel the side off the dumpster. This is a good reminder to us all that Camp Barnard is a WILDERNESS camp with all the associated WILDLIFE. We need to be bear aware in handling our food and garbage at camp not only for our benefit but for the benefit of the wildlife. Other critters to remember when visiting camp are cougars, ticks, mice, mosquitos, slugs…  Do your homework and educate the youth BEFORE you get to camp to ensure everyone at camp has a good time.